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“At one time in my life it felt like failure was all I knew. My husband and I invested in real estate during the Global Financial Crisis. We did everything wrong and it resulted in us losing our solid investment property in Australia. The dud investment property in the US was taking over by gangs and drug raids and we had to walk away from it.

In total we lost almost half a million dollars in assets and ended up with $30,000 in debt. It was the darkest period of my life. I was homeless, jobless, pregnant and living with my in-laws.

Caz and Craig, Top Australian bloggers

But, it eventually led us to creating our successful travel blog and our current dream lifestyle. All experiences are present in our lives to help shape us into the person we were meant to be. It’s just a matter of using those lessons to help you get back on the right path.”


Successful travel bloggers, top Australian bloggers (Virgin Australia, 2014), featured on National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, The Today Show and so on.

Category business, Life


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