Tetris World Champion

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“When I was coming out of college I took a high profile financial exam in a giant, student-filled auditorium and suffered through my first panic attack.

After failing that test miserably, I noticed that large rooms filled with people gave me anxiety.

Jonas Neubauer: 6 times Tetris World Champion

I kept going on plane rides and seeing movies despite the fact that I would invariably suffer another attack.


Eventually, I managed to become the Classic Tetris World Champion in front of a much bigger crowd. By facing my fears over and over I was able to win five more times (and watch a movie at the theatre without a resting heartrate of 150 bpm). It is important not to let a failure shut you down for the rest of your life, even in a small way.


Jonas Neubauer: 6 times Tetris World Champion, Featured in Rolling Stones as well as in the documentary Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters.


Category Academics, Technology


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