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“I have experienced a lot of failures. You learn that when you lose, you win.

Four years ago I worked towards opening my first store in New York City with a family member: we never made it, the store never happened.

Bang Bang (Keith McCurdy): Tattoo artist to the stars

So I started tattooing in my apartment in Brooklyn, and saved as much money as I could to open it on my own. A year later, when I finally opened my doors, I had about a week or two worth of money left.


Today we are expending and business is blooming, but at the time I couldn’t see the outcome. I tried to remind myself that when you lose, you win.


Nowadays I welcome failure. I know what they bring, and how they unfold. It’s always a big gamble, and I embrace it.


It’s the journey that matters the most, not the arrival.”


Bang Bang (Keith McCurdy): Tattoo artist to the stars (from Justin Bieber to Katy Perry), previously worked with Paul Booth, creative and humble soul who has been featured in many magazines from Rolling Stones to Vogue and television interviews (CNN, MTV, etc.)


Photo credits: Jennifer Cooper/E! Entertainment @jencooperphoto

Category Arts, business, Life


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