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“I fail all of the time, its a daily experience for me. Today I’ve failed in that I yelled at my kid who was putting on their shoes too slowly this am. Boy, could’ve done that with more kindness!


I fail in work all of the time, too. This summer I had to lay off my staff. That sucked.

I failed in raising the money that we needed to keep everyone here at Circle of Health International (COHI) and it broke my heart to let them go.

Sera Bonds, MPH : CEO/Founder of Circle of Health International

They are the reason we’ve had the growth we’ve had this year, but its an election year which means that most non-profits are struggling to keep the lights on.


That said, I am using this failure, as I try to do after the sting is gone, to read the information that has been given me. What I see in this lesson is how can we be more efficient? Are there ways we can plan for the lean times so that when it gets scary again, financially, that the staff doesn’t have to feel the stress?


Learn from it and move on. That’s how we do it!”


Sera Bonds, MPH : CEO/Founder of Circle of Health International (international humanitarian aid organization), Boston University Young Alumni Award Recipient (2013), social justice activist.

Category business, Life, Politics


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