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“In 2013 I gave birth to my second child after a pregnancy on strict bedrest. Small tasks like walking from the store to the car were impossible without stopping to catch my breath. I began working out at home and lost 60 lbs within 8 months. The holidays rolled around and the death of my father weighed heavily on me. I gained 40 lbs back over the holidays.

With all I had endured and overcome, I somehow still felt weak and out of control.

Katie Summers: Speaker, writer and renowned personal trainer

I began telling myself “You are strong, smart, capable, and worthy.” Every day I repeated this to myself even though I hardly believed myself at first. I adopted the “fake it until you make it” mentality and daily did my best in spite of my setback.

Within a year and a half I’d lost a total of 90 lbs. found passion in fitness and began a personal training and wellness company and have helped many through coaching, workshops, and online books. It goes to show you that if you believe you are strong, smart, capable, and worthy you can achieve what your heart desires and help others do the same. Never give up on your dreams of being your best self.”



Katie Summers: Speaker, writer and renowned personal trainer who devotes her life to helping others realize their worth: Strong, Smart, Capable, Worthy.

Category business, Life, Sports


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