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“One of the most unexpected (but welcome) things I’ve learnt about memory in the last few years is how selective it is. Specifically, I seem to be the only person who remembers all the times I’ve failed!

To offer just a few examples, I almost got kicked out of high school, I got put on academic probation during my undergraduate degree for failing too many subjects and, most recently, I spent an entire year and half my savings trying to launch a new business and product that fell flat.

Daniel Kilov: Memory Athlete

I’ve failed far more often than I’ve succeeded at anything. But I’ve seen my family, my friends and prospective clients forget about all of that stuff in favor of the highlights of my career, the TEDx talks, the national records, my membership to Mensa and so on.


I suspect that my story is typical. These days, whenever I look at someone whose success seems superhuman, I try imagine a long list of all the failures that formed the cobblestones on their path.”

Daniel Kilov: Memory Athlete, Mensa member, published in TableAus, record breaker, speaker at many TedX events.



Category Academics, Life


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