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“Ah, the real power came when failure was no longer scary for me. See, when the small failures aren’t feared, the big failures hardly happen.

I’ve stayed up all night working on a new project, gotten amazing ideas in my meditations and launched it with an excited heart anticipating the best and have been met with crickets!

Cassandra Bodzak,Spiritual mentor featured in world-class publications

Often, that’s really what failure looks like, nothing. The most recent time this happened to me,I found myself giggling about it to my girlfriends, yes it certainly stung but there is something so incredibly liberating when your worst case scenario happens and you are still standing. You begin to realize that failure is just a part of success.


Someone I admire once said, “if you are not failing then you aren’t doing something right” and I second that. Keep going, failure is a learning station along the road.“


Cassandra Bodzak: Spiritual mentor featured in world-class publications, mindful cooking show host (Eat with Intention TV) and TV personality, founder of Aprecity.com, meditation guide and blogger, author of “Eat with Intention” a manual for connecting back with your body so you can listen to your soul with curated mantras, meditations and recipes.


Category business, Life


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