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“Mental illness doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t wake up and boom there it is suddenly taking shelter and unpacking it’s bags in the dusty corners of your mind. No. It creeps up slowly. Little by little it starts chipping away at your life.

A little here, a little there. It’s sharp edge cracking off each of your identifiers one by one- leaving only a crumbling mess at your feet. That’s what happened to me.

Baylee Krawczyk, Founder of @AnxietySupport

Five years ago I was a 21 year old college student heading into her senior year. I was attending a university I loved, held positions in a sorority that felt like family, just signed a lease to live in an off-campus apartment with my best friends and I was loving my studies. I had one plan, my anxiety and depression had another. I never made it to my senior year. Because within one month I went from outgoing Dean’s list student, sorority sister, roommate and girlfriend to a full-blown agoraphobic with panic disorder and depression who couldn’t leave her home for months. Parties were switched out for doctors appointments, classes were switched out for therapy sessions and homework was switched out for learning how to live with a mental illness.


Now here I am five years later. I’m a proud college graduate living on my own in Chicago and I’m working at my dream job. I am also a mental health advocate through my Instagram @anxietysupport- a safe community for those living with a mental illness. The gap between then and now is where success was birthed from failure- not one part of it was easy. That was how I learned that a detour can actually be a destination. ”


Baylee Krawczyk: Founder of @AnxietySupport, mental health advocate, genuine soul.

Category Academics, Life


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