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“Before dabbling into fashion blogging, I was a fashion designer first. I started pretty young–fresh out of college. I had no connections in the industry so I really started from scratch; learning the ropes by trial and error. I didn’t have my own team / staff then yet so it was quite a challenge going to and from seamstresses that I outsourced.
It was hard to control quality and to get my ideas across–add to that the naïveté that came with my lack of experience.
Long story short, I failed to meet one of my very first client’s expectation. Although the ideas were there, execution wasn’t as good.

I apologized profusely and even returned the money she paid. It was the least I could do.

Camille Co, Fashion blogger and Designer

I was lucky she was understanding of my situation and that she appreciated my gesture. Ever since then, I’ve viewed it as a learning experience. Never again will I ever let this happen. ”


Famous fashion blogger, designer, entrepreneur (CoExist), listed as one of the 10 Designers to Watch For (Preview, 2010), Mango’s it girl for 2012, she’s worked with labels such as Pandora, Miss Selfridge, Emoda, Pronovias, and Kate Spade.

Category Arts, business


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