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“I remember sitting in my parents unfinished basement, my makeshift office. I had already been in business for a year, thinking that I was doing well. I did not have a business degree so I was learning everything as I went. Unfortunately, I had failed to focus my attention on the numbers. When I finally added up all my receipts and subtracted it from my profits, I realized I wasn’t actually making very much at all.

I felt crushed, feeling like maybe I couldn’t make this handmade business my full time job.

Aly Nickerson: Creator of @ForSuchaTimeDesigns

It was in that moment that I had to make a choice. Would I put my head down, brand my business well and raise my prices to where they needed to be or would I quit.


Thanks to my husband’s encouragement I decided to focus on all the little details that make a business succeed and it worked. My business began to flourish and I learned more about myself than I ever thought was possible. Life is made of moments that allow you to choose.


Will you let the moment overtake you or will you press on through the fire. I choose to press on. ”


Aly Nickerson: Entrepreneur, Creator of @ForSuchaTimeDesigns, featured on many outlets such as The Hallmark Channel and Woman’s Day Magazine, applauded by many celebrities.


Photo credit : Katheryn Moran Photography @katherynmoranphotography

Category Arts, business, Life


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