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“…no really…Don’t be born with severe and chronic eczema from the very first day of your life, a case so severe that it bleeds into adulthood.


There is no way to describe the horror and depressive misery to wake stuck to your pillow every morning with dried blood that you must woundingly tear yourself away from to get up…

and do this for more than thirty years or more my journey of healing,
was fraught with much failure and false starts.

Dr. Clifford S Saunders: Cyber Psychologist

You can just imagine the bewildering misery of puberty and the curious discovery that Yvonne and Valerie [not their real names] were always washing their hair the night I wanted to invite them out.

When I was in my mid thirties and I had just heard of yet another “miracle cure/ technique/ method/ book/ supplement/ diet/exercise” that would clear my skin up once and for all, finally, after so long.


I got my hopes up
I KNEW I now had the answer
I invested heavily. Very heavily vested
I believed


‘Please, please work” for weeks and months ‘Please, please work” but… No.
Yet another crashing, crushing disappointment of failure….and yet more blood on the pillow


How does one get up when all one sees ahead is helpless hopelessness?”


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Cliff Saunders

Dr. Clifford S Saunders: Cyber Psychologist, His workshop client list includes the Fortune’s 500
companies, Managing Director at Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Business

Category business, Life


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