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“I was always a creative kid. Could always draw, take good photographs, make my friends laugh. But I lacked confidence. After high school I asked my mother what I should pursue and she suggested Business Administration so I signed up for a three-year college program.

I was kicked out after just one semester from failing 5 out of 6 subjects. My mother tore into me and told me that I was going to be a loser and amount to nothing. It was my darkest hour. I was convinced I had no future.

Gary Jones, Actor, Comedian

I went back to school for Advertising, graduated and worked in my field. Four years later I signed up for comedy improv workshops with Second City Theatre. They hired me and I went from being an Art Director to an improv comedian in the blink of an eye. I moved to Vancouver where I’ve had a 30-year showbiz career. I didn’t know it at the time but now I understand that failing big-time at one thing does not preclude succeeding big-time at another thing.”


Actor, writer, comedian, award-winning playwright, award-winning improviser, Second City alumnus, performed at Just For Laughs, recurred for 10 seasons as ‘Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman’ on smash sic-fi hit ‘Stargate SG:1,’ on the New Year’s Eve of the Millennium, Gary performed for Bill and Melinda Gates at their home in Redmond, Washington.

Category Academics, Arts


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