30 years-old millionaire

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“Failure is the only real teacher in life. It is a feedback mechanism for what does not work. If we fail early and often, we avoid the potential disastrous detours caused by big failures. The challenge is in determining early mistakes, and for this, one needs to wisely establish measurable and/or objective goals to signal if an error may be happening.

Fail early, fail often, and integrate your lessons to accelerate the rate of smaller failures.

Antoine Paquin, CEO at Solantro Semiconductor Corp

A culture centered on this principle is a learning culture in a fast changing world. It becomes an intelligent organization. It has low entropy, high work efficiency. I do not know if any of us will achieve this noble goal – making theory real. They are unachievable however due to Human nature, a constant…

But these are the lessons I have integrated in my person – they were painful and left deep scar tissue which is forever part of me, an entrepreneur…”



Millionaire at 30, Sold his previous companies to Cisco and Skyworks, National Research Council’s Innovator of the Year Award, CEO at Solantro Semiconductor Corp

Category business, Technology


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